Goodwill of Columbus, VA Chalmers P. Wylie Ambulatory Care Center and many more
Pop ups


Lunch Bachs is a VIVO community engagement initiative dedicated to providing inclusive artistic access by bringing live musical performances into all corners of greater Columbus. Through Lunch Bachs, VIVO reaches audiences who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience VIVO performances by bringing the music directly into their communities. Each festival artist is partnered with a community social service organization where artists perform a solo pop-up performance and engage with community members. Audiences reached include developmentally disabled adults, people suffering from Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease, retirement, nursing and hospice care, the homeless and housing insecure populations, as well as young children.

Past Seasons Partners

Partners include Goodwill Groveport and Grandview, YWCA Columbus, Lutheran Social Services, Flux & Flow movement center, Columbus Parks and Recreation, Willowbrook Christian Community, Mill Run Gardens and Care Center, Crandall House, Veterans Ambulatory Center, Ohio Living Westminster Thurber, and Our Lady of Guadalupe center. VIVO Lunch Bachs has been funded in part through grants from the Ohio Arts Council and the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

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