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To be a musician in the 21st century, you need to be more than just a fantastic performer, you also need master the skills of entrepreneurship in order to turn your musical dreams into reality. In this episode of VIVO edu, VIVO Artistic Directors Siwoo Kim and Jack Stulz talk with Creative Director Ted Ou-Yang to learn the basics for entrepreneurship for musicians.


Apply now for the VIVO Innovation Grant

VIVO Is looking to support the next generation of musical innovators by offering up to three $500 grants to central Ohio music students. In addition to grant awards, applicants may be invited to realize their artistic projects in collaboration with VIVO Music Festival.

Deadline: 11:59pm Eastern, Friday, November 20, 2020

Eligibility: Any central Ohio music student 22 years of age or younger, currently studying classical music discipline either privately or through a school music program. See APPLICATION SPECIFICATIONS section when you expand by pressing "APPLY"

To apply, applicants must submit the online application form, a 5-minute performance video, and short creative responses to two prompts.
Apply here